Inter|National Artists Series
June 10-12 & 17-19

Khambatta Dance Company

For printable schedule week 1 click here, week 2 click here

Three different programs running two consectutive weekends, the festival's featured event running for six years since the festival's inception in 2006. Each year hosts a hotbed of dance companies from the international and national dance scene.


WEEK 1 | June 10-11 at 8pm:

(See below this box for week two with Khambatta Dance and Scott Wells)

  • Iraqi Bodies (Iraq/Netherlands) - FESTIVAL PROGRAM CHANGE:
    Due to some unforeseen travel complications, two of four Iraqi bodies Dance Company were not able to make it to Seattle. However, two of the members WILL be in attendance performing in "Art on the Fly" as well as a solo performance on June 10 and 11 at Raisbeck Hall along with Ciudad Interior from Mexico and Katsura Kan from Japan. We know it will be a provocative, entertaining evening of dance and appreciate your understanding. There will be a Q&A with the artists after the show each day.
  • Katsura Kan (Japan) performing Voyagers - a duet with Sharoni Stern Siegel (CO). Kan is apart of the first generation Butoh movement having studied with Tatsumi Hijikata and Ben Shuharuto, tradtional Javanese dance Master of Indonesia.
  • Ciudad Interior (Mexico) led by Queretaro-based choreographer Alejandro Chavez, winning top awards from Mexico’s National Award Miguel Covarrubias INBA - UAM and the VII International Contest of Choreography Burgos - New York 2008.
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WEEK 1 | June 12 at 7:30pm:

(See below this box for week two with Khambatta Dance and Scott Wells)

Agnieszka Laska Dancers (Portland/OR ) and Ciudad Interior (Mexico) collaboratively present Love and beyond • Five Etudes about the turbulence of love in all its facets. ALD is a modern company led by Polish-born Director Agnieszka Laska, based in Portland. The work will bring two strong visions upon one lively, universal subject.

Katsura Kan (Japan) and Seattle’s Khambatta Dance Company collaborate bending two genre together in one work created in less than a week. A surprise event with an unrold ending...don’t miss it.

Spectrum Dance Theater (Seattle) performs “(fay çe que vouldras)”. commissioned by the Guggenheim for its program “The Music of John Zorn Interpreted”. Set to an extremely intense piano solo, The NY Times said Artistic Director, Donald Byrd, “...rose to the challenge with striking intelligence. Performed by Kylie Shea Lewallen, Tory Piel, Kelly Ann Barton, Vincent Lopez and Ty Alexander Cheng”


WEEK 2 | June 17-19 Fri-Sat 8pm / Sun. 7:30pm:

  • Scott Wells and Dancers (California) a seven member company that has repeatedly won California’s “Izzy” award (Isadora Duncan) presenting Body Parcours, with an intrepid formulation of action-packed Contact Partnering and Parcours - using the urban environment as a personal obstacle course brought right into the theater.
  • Khambatta Dance Company (Seattle) performs two new works. Rush, a poweful, high-octane piece with a viceral spatial transformation: first one side
    of the stage, then the other - a metaphor for the two “halves’ of life and
    Centrifugal Force an intimate work for three women and two men that
    seems to stand still in the air - and a new look at Interview with the
    American Dream, a piece about the recent recession and its impact on the lives of Americans across the country. Performed by Eric Aguilar, Chris McCallister, Jennifer Elder, Rachel Randall and Meredith Sallee, the company is descibed by Seattle Times as "...a tour de force...a knockout..."