Spotlight on Seattle
June 14-16

The insider's view

Back by popular demand, this program brings together four icons of the dance world who curate, giving thier take on the Seattle dance scene: Erin Boberg Doughton, PICA/Time Based Arts Festival Program Director, Molissa Fenley, a Bessie-award winning choreographer with works performed worldwide & here in Seattle, and Seattle Dance Project’s Julie Tobiason and Timothy Lynch.

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Please note Donald Byrd will not be performing this evening due to illness.

Tuesday June 14

Wednesday June 15

Thursday June 16

Erin Boberg Doughton curating

Molissa Fenley curating

Julie Tobiason and Timothy Lynch of Seattle Dance Project

Performer List:

Performer List:

Performer List:

  • Lizzy Melton

  • Kate Wallich

  • Jurg Koch

  • Khambatta Dance Company



  • Penny Hutchinson

  • Karin Stevens Dance

  • Molissa Fenley

  • bad marmar dance/ Marlo Martin

  • Khambatta Dance Company

  • Stacy Lowenberg

  • Donald Byrd

  • Kiyon Gaines

  • Maureen Whiting Company

  • Kate Wallich

  • Gabrielle Schutz

  • Khambatta Dance Company



Lizzy Melton collaborating
with Nina Vallon, performs
Body of Work, taking the notion of perception as a starting point this piece asks us to re-examine the way we view a performer on stage.

Kate Wallich presents A Wood Frame, the culmination of both a deeply rooted past and an urging hunger for the present - built on linear patterning and torqued lines with a hint of groove.

Jurg Koch presents meanwhile:
in Seattle about simultaneity and place the interplay of here and there, close and distant, with the changing, unpredictable, live score created by five radios.

Khambatta Dance
Company performs Talk Circle, a humorous work that parodies gossip and party-talk.


Penny Hutchinson presents Rhubarb Crisp and Invoke two bach solos. Ms. Hutchinson, a Seattle native, attended Juilliard and was a founding member of the Mark Morris Dance Group, 1980-1992 and was in residence in Brussels from 1988-1991, with MMDG at Theatre de la Monnaie. In 1990 she received a New York BESSIE Award.

Karin Stevens Dance presents Point of Departure (excerpt) from an evening length work created in collaboration with Seattle visual/sound artist Craig van den Bosch, visual arts curator for the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Molissa Fenley - presents Planes in Air - performed by Betsy Cooper and Oleg Gorboulev, of the Seattle Dance Project. The work is a part of The Prop Dances, (2010), where Ms. Fenley invited contemporary visual artists to create a prop(s) the dancers could carry or wear.

bad marmar dance / Marlo Martin presents ask different questions - We are participants in a grand drama, the timing of our final bow never known, the nature of our encore performances hidden from us. The work explores apprehension about death, and the ways we deal – or not – with its implications.

Khambatta Dance Company performs excerpts from Love Story (2007), a duet by Rachel Randall and Chris McCallister “... an exercise in smoothlimbed lyricism for couples.” Post-Intelligencer


Stacy Lowenberg’s Rodin, inspired by the sculptor as displayed at the Artist’ Mansion in Paris and performed by Seattle Dance Project to the music of Phillip Glass.

Donald Byrd will perform a solo, untitled, first performed at 24kvadrat in Gothenberg, Sweden in 2009. The piece is an intimate portrayal of his sweet and tart sides.

Kiyon Gaines will perform a surprise selection of his choreography. Mr. Gaines has choreographed for PNB’s New Works series, Spectrum Dance Theater and Seattle Dance Project

Maureen Whiting Company performs Myth of me and you, a feral duet of interdependence and consumption. Ms. Whiting is a choreographer/ mathematician and presented work at On the Boards, Seattle Univ. and ACT.

Kate Wallich performs frequency, an explosive mix of high impact colliding, languid successional movement, and distortion, the dance flows in and out of worlds filled with manipulation, struggle, yearning, and awe.

Gabrielle Schutz performs Dissonance - daily decisions in life are made by combination of instinctual, rational, and emotional impulses - this work is an exploration of the complexity of choices, big and small, and the patterns/information that cause us to act.

Khambatta Dance Company performs Ashutosh, a work that emerged out of individual interviews with members of the community. The work bears the name of the subject that inspired it and includes a candid and humorous video prologue.